Let's NOT Repeat This History

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Let's NOT Repeat This History
Matthew 5:44


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Matthew 5:44 (DBT)
44  But I say unto you, Love your enemies, [bless those who curse you,] do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who [insult you and] persecute you,

Newsflash:  We have a problem in our world today...  Okay, so that isn't exactly breaking news.  However, the issue of increased tensions within race relations once again taking center stage is an issue that most definitely needs to be discussed.

With all of the technological and social advancements within our world society today that are supposed to be bridging the divide between geographical distances and cultures, why are we actually growing further apart in some areas?

Okay, the media is to shoulder a good chuck of the blame here.  The selective stories displayed on news channel stations across the globe only further highlight the shameful motivations of those who profit more from the division of peoples than their coming together in peace.

Regardless of the role the media has played in fueling the tension, where have we been?  I could specifically call out the church here, but I am making the call BIGGER.  As a human being living on this planet, where have YOU been?

What has been your contribution(s) to the cause?  Do you sit at the table with your pals and girl friends and bash another race for how they have conducted themselves in our society?  Do you watch the news and take a hard-nosed stand with your race by default?

What good have you done to aid in making reparations to the increasing racial divide?  The United States of America has a dark history when it comes to racial relations.  We've been guilty of slavery and racial injustices.  When a person of another skin color is treated as a lesser human-being, God is not pleased.  We are ALL God's creation.  NO ONE has the right to treat another of God's Creation like anything less than an equal.

Please, let's NOT repeat this part of history!  Whether you affiliate with the "Black", "White", or any other community of race, try hard to focus more on what we can do to bring people closer TOGETHER, rather than continue to push them further apart.

-Dan Rivera

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGhetayh7cM?rel=0&showinfo=0&w=854&h=480]

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