He did it all for me
Right there on Calvary.
They pierced Him in His side;
Blood was pouring in His eyes.
There was weeping at His feet;
I fell and worshipped on my knees
At Calvary.

From every crack of the whip
To the scars that it left on Your back,
(My Lord)
To the crown that they placed on Your head;
You died for us while we were yet in our sin...

Your own creation, Lord.
We beat You,
Mocked You,
Stomped You,
While You took on our sin!

Whether I was physically there, I had a part in it.
I held Your arms while they nailed Your wrists!
Denied You while they smacked Your cheek;
I held Your legs while they nailed Your feet!

That spot You had on the Cross, it was held for me,
But, thanks to You, there ain't no Hell for me!

I wasn't there physically there, but I had a part in it.
I sold You out for wealth.
Betrayed You tryin to help myself,
Denied You tryin to save myself.
I turned my back and denied Your help,
But You still came and gave Yourself!