Important Message

Dr. Timothy M. Hill, General Overseer of the Church of God issued the following comments in
recognition of Transgender Day of Visibility:

“While our Church of God family abhors discrimination, harassment, and inequality towards anyone created by God and in His image, we feel the same disgust when our government promotes lifestyles and personal selections that are contrary to Biblical guidance and directions. Genesis 1:27 (NKJV) clearly states that “God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”

The actions announced by the White House yesterday allows persons to select an “X” as their gender marker on their State Department issued passports and on their Social Security records. It also requires schools to affirm the self-selected gender identity of students and prohibits state laws that would state otherwise. Along with many other steps, the President further announced that his administration would fight state laws that limit how transgender athletes may compete.

In a technologically and media advanced world, the church is facing situations that we could have never imagined. However, when our government unequivocally supports such sinful behavior, it is even more troubling.

Without question, the church must stand in the gap and call sinful behavior what it is. However, we must also show compassion and mercy towards those that are struggling with that sinful behavior. God did not call the church to condemn the sinner but to teach them, without compromise, to observe the things that God commanded us to do. The Great Commission is clear.

I call on our Church of God family to take a stand today against these cultural challenges while maintaining a heart to see a lost and dying world won to Christ.”

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